Educational Technologists

CCIT's EdTechs provide front-line technology-related professional development, and training support to college faculty and staff. Our EdTechs work independently or collaboratively to develop training, projects, and instructional media related to instruction in the classroom. They actively promote and support effective use of educational technology to enhance teaching, learning and student success. 

Knowledge, Ability, and Skill

Some of the principle account-abilities they perform are:

  1. Identify technology-related professional needs of faculty and staff to provide needed training and or assistance in line with College's goals.
  2. Process requests for faculty, staff, and student technology issues.
  3. Designs, develops and conduct professional development/training to individuals or small groups on a variety of instructional, academic, software and emerging technologies.
  4. Operates, supports and administers the College's learning management system.
  5. Provides technical support of various software.
  6. Designs written training materials, tip sheets, and support aids for technology systems.
  7. Collaborates and consults with faculty on effective use of instructional technology.
  8. Collaborates and updates various web pages to provide resources to the college community.
  9. Designs media and multimedia instructional and promotional materials using Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Premiere, After Effects and other software.
  10. Converts various media to formats usable in the College's infrastructure.