Tiered Professional Development Strategy
CCIT's training program for distance education faculty is ongoing and appropriate for faculty teaching electronically-delivered offerings. Training initiatives incorporate proven best-practices in distance education pedagogy and ensure competency within the range of foundational technologies. In order to prepare distance education instructors, CCIT has implemented a tiered professional development strategy.

Tier One: One on One/Small Group Customized User Support
This approach enables the trainer to focus on the specific needs of the participant(s) and can be offered in a just-in-time format. Direct feedback from participant(s) enables the trainer to determine if the desired learning has occurred. If not, the trainer may need to spend more time on this area and/or present the information again, but in a different manner.
Tier Two: Educational Technology and Curricular Workshops
This approach is used for creating a general understanding of a topic. Workshops can be delivered in a variety of modes or methods. This enables the trainer to be more or less formal and/or interactive depending on the situation.
Tier Three: Departmental Specific Trainings
This is a much more targeted approach.  These sessions enable the instructor and participant to learn about the topic within the context of their subject area experience.
Tier Four: New Faculty Development Program
All newly hired, full-time instructors are required to participate in the New Faculty Development Program (NFDP). This two-year program is designed to assist all new instructors as they build a foundation for quality instruction and advisement.
Tier Five: The Instructional Design and Technology Certificate
The IDT Certificate Program will help educators understand different ways in which technology applications, tools, and practices can make a significant difference in student learning. The program will help the educator to gain skills and knowledge in the use of technology and to develop effective strategies for using technology-enhanced learning activities in the classroom.  Educators who earn the IDT Certificate will be able to better understand, interact with, and design state-of-the-art technology-enabled learning.