Distance Education Course Approval Process
Distance Learning

Effective November 19, 2015 – instructors who want to design, develop, and deliver a newly created or reclassified distance education course, or new section of an existing distance education course, will adhere to the following process:
            • All instructors must complete IDT G31 prior to designing or teaching online or hybrid courses.
            • For a new course, the requesting instructor must have the syllabus developed and approved prior to requesting to offer a distance education course.
                                                     Securing Course Development Approval                                                      

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Step 1
The instructor completes the Request to Develop a Distance Education Course form and email it to his/her Department Chair (DC) to initiate the modality change of an existing course. Form and instructions are available at the bottom of the page.                                 

Step 2: The DC reviews the request with his/her counterparts.
  • If the counterparts agree, the campus chair submits the Request to Develop a Distance Education Course form to his/her Assistant Dean of Instruction (ADOI), who will then submit to the curriculum committee.
  • If the counterparts do not agree (due to missing information, lacking evidence, etc.), the DC will inform the instructor and may ask him/her to reevaluate.
Step 3: The CC reviews the submissions.
  • If the CC approves the course modality change, they will communicate the decision to the DC and the Director of CCIT.
  • If the CC does not approve, they will communicate the decision to the DC, who will inform the instructor
Step 4
The instructor designs and develops the course in Blackboard. (The instructor is encouraged to contact the Instructional Designer (ID) on campus to discuss his/her plans for course design and development.)

Step 5: The instructor notifies his/her ID when course is fully developed.

Step 6: The ID conducts a Collaborative Course Review (CCR) on the course.
    • If the course meets standards, the DC will obtain ID signature on the Request to Develop a Distance Education Course form and submit to the Curriculum Committee (CC).
  • The DC completes and submits a CCFF and revised syllabus to the Curriculum Committee (CC) for approval by the established deadlines for curricular changes.
  • Once the CCFF is processed, the course is added to Banner. 
  • The DC distributes the master online/hybrid shell to his/her collegewide counterparts.
  • The DCs copy the master online/hybrid shell to their respective instructors who are approved to teach distance education courses and ensure that the faculty members are provided with an overview of teaching the course using the newly developed master online/hybrid shell. 
  • If the course does not meet standards, the ID will continue to work with the instructor to meet standards.
Courses offered in the distance education format at Delaware Technical Community College satisfy the Blackboard Minimum Usage Requirements and the guidelines set forth in the Collaborate Course Review.

For more information on course types, visit our Primary Course Classifications page.

                                      Request Form to Develop a Distance Education Course                                                
Distance Education Approval Form

Right-Click on the image to the left and select "Save link as..." to save the 
Request to Develop a Distance Education Course form to your hard drive or flash drive. Use Acrobat Reader to fill out the form. Once you have completed the form, save it with a unique name that is applicable to you and the course you want approved, then email it to your Department Chair.