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Streamline the Student Experience with Effective Organization
Well-designed learning materials are usually organized by folders that make it easy for students to quickly find everything they need to do at the moment. For this reason, strong courses are organized by folders based on week, unit, project, etc.

Consider the two organizational methods depicted below. Imagine that a student needs to access all of the materials to complete the work for the first week of the semester.

                ORGANIZED                                                                                        DISORGANIZED

This method requires only 1 click from the student.                        This method requires at least 7 clicks.

Effectively organized Learning Materials, then, can cut a student's navigation time significantly by reducing the amount of backtracking necessary.

How To Create Folders and Items in Blackboard
The videos below demonstrate how to create folders and add content items in Blackboard. They should be helpful as you design your learning materials.

How to Create Folders

How to Add an Item in Blackboard