Contact CCIT  
  Center for Creative Instruction and Technology (CCIT)  
  Name Title Email Phone  
  Dr. Richard Kralevich Associate VP for Information and Instructional Technology (302) 857-1750  
 Kelly McVeigh Stanley
Director of Instructional Design and Technology  
(302) 857-1755
  Name Title Location Email Phone  
  Dallas Hayes    
Instructional Designer Terry Room 214 (302) 857-1791  
  Kim Bates  
Learning Strategies Coordinator  
Terry Room 214
(302) 857-1751
  Jerry Pearson Educational Technologist Terry Room 214 (302) 857-1752  
  Steve Wright Manager of Educational Systems ETB Room 722 (302) 857-1748  
  Name Title Location Email Phone  
  Sara Carter   
Instructional Designer JTC Room 101 (302) 259-6850  
  Molli Carter       Learning Strategies Coordinator JTC Room 101    (302) 259-6851  
  Pauline Pauley-Sturgeon
Educational Technologist
JTC Room 101
(302) 259-6852
  Name Title Location Email Phone  
  Dani Brunet         Instructional Designer Room D207     (302) 292-3887  
  Ishmael Stabosz
Learning Strategies Coordinator
Room D207
(302) 453-3789
Educational Technologist
Room D207

  Mike Redfield Media Production Manager Room A209 (302) 283-3116  
  Kevin Lane Media Services Manager Room A209 (302) 213-3117  
  Name Title Location Email Phone  
  Brad Thompson Instructional Designer
Room E301 (302)484-5509  
  Alfred Drushler Learning Strategies Coordinator Room E301  (302) 434-5546  
  Tracy Miles Educational Technologist Room E300 (302) 657-5165