Delaware Technical Community College's
Certificate in Instructional Design and Technology
In November of 2010, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan presented the Obama Administration with the National Education Technology Plan. It is titled “Transforming American Education: Learning Powered by Technology.”
The plan calls for applying the advanced technologies used in our daily personal and professional lives to our entire education system to improve student learning, accelerate and scale up the adoption of effective practices, and use data and information for continuous improvement. The model asks that we focus what and how we teach to match what people need to know, how they learn, where and when they will learn, and who needs to learn. It brings state-of-the art technology into learning to enable, motivate, and inspire all students, regardless of background, languages, or disabilities, to achieve. It leverages the power of technology to provide personalized learning and to enable continuous and lifelong learning. (Source: National Education Technology Plan, 2010)
Successfully preparing educators to be effective users of educational technology is a critical component in helping to solve many of our current educational challenges. If given sufficient access and support, educators will be better able to help their students comprehend difficult-to-understand concepts, engage in active learning, provide their students with access to information and resources, and better meet their students' individual needs. If utilized correctly, technology has proven to enhance learning, as well as improve student engagement and achievement. (2011 Horizons Report)