IDT G10 – Foundations of Effective Teaching, 3 credits

This course prepares professional educators to develop instructional strategies, curriculum, lesson planning, and assessment. Participants self-reflect as they develop and enhance effective teaching practices. Prerequisite: None.


IDT G20 – Essentials of Distance Education, 3 credits

This course prepares professional educators to design, develop, and deliver distance education courses. Participants will apply pedagogical and instructional design principles that foster student and faculty success in a distance education environment. Prerequisite: None

Coming Spring 2018
IDT G15 – Advanced Teaching Strategies, 2 credits
This course prepares professional educators in their development and use of advanced teaching strategies. Participants will improve existing lesson plans, incorporate professional and field-specific resources, and teach using advanced methods and techniques. Prerequisite: IDT G10 or IDT G21

Coming Spring 2018
IDT G16 – Advanced Assessment, 2 credits
In this course, participants will evaluate the quality of assessments. Participants will revise assessments and create alternative means of assessment. Prerequisite: IDT G10 or IDT G21

Coming Spring 2018
IDT G17 – Educational Innovation in Action, 1 credit
In this course, participants will engage in creative thinking, discussion, and practices to improve student learning and success through innovation. Existing resources, research, and strategies related to creative thinking and innovation are analyzed to inform a specific plan of action. Each course participant will write an innovation in education proposal. Prerequisite: None

Coming Spring 2018
IDT G18 – Teaching and Assessing Writing, 2 credits
This course will prepare educators to support the student writing process in non-writing courses. Participants will examine the value of writing across disciplines, create writing assignments, and curate resources for student writers. Evaluation and assessment techniques for student writing will also be explored. Prerequisite: None.

Coming Spring 2018
IDT G19 – Creating Accessible Content, 2 credits
Prerequisite: None.

Coming Spring 2018
IDT G25 – Advanced Learning Technologies, 2 credits
This course prepares educators to leverage appropriate technologies to promote student-centered, active learning. Participants will develop strategies and skills to effectively integrate social media, emerging, and synchronous technologies into instruction and professional development. Prerequisite: IDT G20 or IDT G31

IDT G32 - Implementing Effective Learning Communities, 2 credits This course covers types of learning communities and strategies for marketing learning communities within the larger College community. In addition, students create integrated assignments and prepare assessment tools and strategies to evaluate student performance and the effectiveness of the learning community itself. Prerequisite: None.

IDT G42 - Motivational Teaching, 2 credits
This course focuses on the Stages of Change Model and motivational interviewing (MI) and how they can be used for effective classroom management. Students explore learning as a change process, and design instructional practices using the foundational theory and methods of MI. Prerequisite: None

IDT G63 - ePortfolio Design, 2 credits This course will provide the learner with an overview of electronic portfolio creation, design, development and delivery. The learner will learn to select, categorize and document their achievements and accomplishments for review and assessment related to academic placement and/or employment. The learner will evaluate knowledge and skills acquired from previous experience or training on the job, in the community, in military service, through travel, or through personal development. The learner will demonstrate comprehension and appreciation of life/work experiences and how those relate to prior or on-going experiences and they will demonstrate the ability and skill to develop a comprehensive electronic portfolio. Prerequisite: None

IDT G87 Designing a Flipped Classroom, 2 credits This course focuses on the fundamental elements of the flipped classroom learning model, including theory and instructional strategies. Participants explore key principles, examine design challenges, develop effective learning activities and assessments, and design a unit of study for use in a flipped classroom. Prerequisite: None.

IDT G91 - Peer Observation, 1 credit This course is designed to facilitate non-evaluative peer observation among faculty for the purposes of professional development. Faculty enrolled in the course observe colleagues and are observed by colleagues in order to share and reflect on instructional practices. Prerequisite: None.

IDT G99 - Special Topic in Educational Technology, 1 credit Special Topic courses are intended to cover advanced material outside of or beyond the scope of current course offerings. The student may take this course a maximum of twice, with an approved change of topic for each instance. Prerequisite: None.

Retired Courses (as of August 2017) IIDT G21 - Instructional Design IDT G22 - Foundational Technologies IDT G26 - Advanced Classroom Technology IDT G31 - Teaching with Technology IDT G59 - Instructional Strategies IDT G88 - Leveraging Social Media for Learning IDT G86 – Synchronous Technology in Teaching NFD 101 - New Faculty Development Program