2015 Intructional Innovation Conference

“A culture of innovation is one that continually introduces new ideas or ways of thinking, then translates them into action to solve specific problems or seize new opportunities…. A culture of innovation means we’re all responsible for and engaged in being intentionally innovative.”

~ President Mark Brainard
President Brainard's Video on this is here to view.

Thank you for joining us for the 2015 Instructional Innovation conference. Your session facilitators are happy to share the following resources so you can adopt what you experienced at the conference for your own courses. In addition, stay tuned to the Forward Thinking blog for related posts and new ideas.  Here is a PDF of the slides that were on rotation.

: Gamification 101
PRESENTERS: Ish Stabosz, Cory Budischak, & Chris Terranova
MATERIALS: Resources Documentation

win, lose & draw

TOPIC: Win, Lose, AND Draw
PRESENTERS: Michelle Keenan & Christina Tarabicos

Game on

TOPIC: Game On
(Jeopardy! & No Tech, Low Tech)
PRESENTERS: Ric Baker, Ernie Kulhanek, Tim Mello, & Lisa Peel
Jeopardy presented by Ric
Jeopardy presented by Ernie
Game On presented by Tim
Game On presented by Lisa


: Innovation Possible!
PRESENTER: Rick Kralevich
Mark's Video at the end (it's in the PPT too)

hammer breaking ice

TOPIC: Intros & Icebreakers
(Name Wave, People Bingo, Math Bingo, & Melt the Ice)
PRESENTERS: Victoria Granison, Allison Randal, Lisa Ruschman, & Megan Wagaman
People Bingo presented by Victoria
Name Wave (video and site) presented by Allison
Melt the Ice presented by Lisa
Math Bingo presented by Megan (Here is the Movie and the Prezi)


TOPIC: Movement
(Tableau, 4 Corner / TicTacToe, QR Codes, & Walking Discussion)
PRESENTERS: Kim Bates, Al Drushler, Jill Lillard, & Stacey Pounsberry)
Tableau presented by Kim
QR Codes presented by Al
4 Corners / TicTacToe presented by Jill
Walking Discussion presented by Stacey