The 3P’s of the New Faculty Development Program (Program Details)
Component Two - PARTICIPATE 
Effective Fall 2017
Introduction to Instruction (Year One)

All new faculty will complete the activities listed below during their first year of hire. These activities are coordinated by the campus Learning Strategies Coordinator (with the exception of the campus tour). Every attempt will be made to schedule these activities to accommodate faculty teaching schedules, but release time/class coverage may be necessary.

Semester of Hire:

  •       Attend NFDP Information Session - September/January
  •      Complete Customized Professional Development Plan - September/January       
  •      Tour campus with Department Chair or Mentor - September/January

 Fall Semester:

  •       Attend 1 collegewide training (half day-- Student Affairs, Academic Affairs & CCIT) - September
  •      Attend 1 campus based training on Academic Advisement for New Faculty - October
  •      Attend 1 campus-based colloquium (90 minutes) - November

 Spring Semester:

  •      Attend 1 campus-based colloquium (90 minutes) - January
  •      Attend 1 collegewide training (half day-- Matrix, Accreditation, Planning & Assessment)-March


Instruction, Design & Technology (IDT) Courses (Years One and Two)
New faculty will complete a total of 8 credits of IDT courses. There are two core, required courses and 2 credits of electives.

  • Core (required)
    • IDT G10 Foundations of Effective Teaching, 3 credits
    • IDT G20 Essentials of Distance Education, 3 credits
  • Elective(s), 2 credits. Faculty may choose an IDT course that best suits their interests and needs. 

For course descriptions,
click here. For course schedules, click here.

For Faculty Hired before Fall 2017

Faculty who were hired prior to fall 2017 and who had not yet completed the NFD requirements, should contact their campus Learning Strategies Coordinator to determine a plan for program completion. The graphic below shows a comparison between the previous course requirements and the revised program requirements.


Adjunct Faculty

Adjuncts are invited to attend the Introduction to Instruction series and can take all IDT courses. 

IDT Course Waivers

Some faculty members may be eligible to waive some of the IDT courses based on prior work experience or prior advanced course work. Instructors who wish to apply for a waiver need only email Kelly McVeigh at In that email, the instructor should present a brief justification for this waiver request. All waivers decisions will be made by the Dean of Instruction.  Please note: a waiver is not equivalent to “testing out” of a course.  Waivers are granted instead of course credits. A total of 8 credits will be required by all faculty regardless of waivers granted.