The 3P’s of the New Faculty Development Program (Program Details)
Component Two - PARTICIPATE: Core Courses (8 Credits)
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NFD101 - New Faculty Development
  • This two credit (32-hour) course will provide new faculty with an overview of our institution’s history, mission, values, academic philosophy and standards, and issues/topics especially important for new faculty to know.
  • Course topics may include but are not limited to: Teaching at Delaware Technical Community College; Middle States Characteristics of Excellence; Advisement as Teaching; Use of the Student Educational Plan; Student Engagement, Retention, and Success; Classroom Technologies; ePortfolio Development; Instructional Strategies (Pedagogy and Andragogy); Emotional Intelligence; Information Literacy; Student Centered Learning/Mastery Learning; Institutional Effectiveness (Planning and Assessment); Articulation; FERPA; and Copyright.
IDTG21 – Instructional Design (2 Credits)
  • This course focuses on the fundamental elements of instructional design including the principles of learning theory and instructional strategies. 
  • Learners participating in the course will study instructional systems theory, systematic approaches to instructional design, and the contemporary practice of instructional design with an emphasis on classroom and online learning environments. 
IDTG22 – Foundational Technology (2 Credits)
  • This course will enable learners to understand, explore, and experiment with foundational educational technology tools and techniques. Learners will not only learn how these applications function and work but also how they can be leveraged within the learning environment.  
  • Topics include but are not limited to: learning management systems, asynchronous and synchronous learning tools, audio and video production and editing, as well as how these applications are properly deployed in the learning environment.  
IDTG31 – Teaching with Technology (2 Credits)
  • This course is intended to enable professional educators, at all levels, to design, develop, and deliver technology-enabled course offerings.  The course provides an in-depth study of the theoretical foundations of learning and instruction as they apply to the face-to-face, hybrid, and distance learning environments.  

IDT Course Waivers
Some faculty members may be eligible to waive some of the IDT courses based on prior work experience or prior advanced course work. Instructors who wish to apply for a waiver need only email Kelly McVeigh Stanley at In that email, the instructor should present a brief justification for this waiver request. All waivers decisions will be made by the Dean of Instruction.  Please note: a waiver is not equivalent to “testing out” of a course.  Waivers are granted instead of course credits. A total of 8 credits will be required by all faculty regardless of waivers granted.