Academic Integrity at Delaware Tech 
Academic integrity requires that teaching and learning be done in an open, honest, and responsible manner. Delaware Technical Community College values all aspects of academic integrity.  As an institution, we are dedicated to treating each other with respect, dignity and fairness. We value personal honesty, we respect others and it is our goal to foster a community in which instructors and students work together to achieve common goals.  

Regardless of whether you are a traditional face-to-face learner, or participate in courses online, academic integrity is an essential principal. Integrity is important in all aspects of life. Integrity isn't something we are born with; it is a quality within our character that we need to develop, practice and grow.

Academic integrity refers to much more than just cheating or plagiarizing. Your dedication to academic Integrity is also your commitment to:

  • Showing up for class and academic meetings on time
  • Being ready and prepared to learn
  • Making good use of class time by taking notes 
  • Participating and asking questions
  • Completing and submitting your assignments on time
  • Staying for the entire class and not leaving in a disruptive way
  • Completing your work honestly
  • Taking responsibility for your own academic success
  • Contributing to classroom discussion and creating a stimulating environment in which everyone can learn and grow