Keys to Academic Success
Adjusting to life as a college student can be an exciting, but sometimes overwhelming task. At Delaware Tech we care about your experience and aim to provide critical support to you during this time. Start here to identify which of these skill areas are trouble spots.
Whether it's keeping track of research materials or remembering to bring home a book, students need to be organized to succeed in school. For many students, academic challenges are related more to a lack of organization than to a lack of intellectual ability.
Tips to help get organized:
  • Make a checklist of things you need to bring to school every day.
  • Put a copy by the door at home and one in your backpack.
  • Keep track of your homework.
  • Develop a system you will want to use.
  • Purchase tools that will help you stay organized, such as binders, folders or an assignment book.

Time Management
Learning to schedule enough time to complete an assignment may be difficult. Even when students have a week to do a project, many won't start until the night before it's due. Learning to organize time into productive blocks takes practice and experience.

Tips to help you manage time:
  • Track assignments on a monthly calendar.
  • Work backward from the due date of larger assignments and break them into nightly tasks.
  • Record how much time you spend on homework each week so you can figure out how to divide this time into manageable chunks.
  • Designate a time for nightly homework and stick to this schedule.
  • If evenings aren't enough, find other times for schoolwork, such as early mornings, work breaks or weekends.


Sometimes students fall behind in school and fail to hand in assignments because they simply don't know where to begin. Prioritizing tasks is a skill you will need throughout life, so it's never too soon to get started.

Tips to help you prioritize:
  • Write down all the things you need to do, including non-school-related activities.
  • Label each task from 1 to 3, with 1 being most important.
  • Understand your priorities.
  • If you label your social activities as 1, then you know where your attention is focused.
Whether you are practicing vocabulary or studying for an anatomy test, it's important that you work on schoolwork in an area with limited distractions and interruptions.
Tips to help you concentrate:
  • Turn off access to email, text messages and games when you are working.
  • Make the phone and TV off-limits during homework time.
  • Find space that fits the assignment. If you are working on a science project, you may need lots of space; if your studying for a Spanish test, you will need a well-lit desk.
  • Concentrate during homework time.

Most students say they want to do well in school, yet many still fail to complete the level of work necessary to succeed academically. The reason is often motivation. Tapping into your interests is a great way to get geared to do well in school.

Tips to help you get motivated:
  • Link school lessons to your life. If you are learning percentages, figure out the price of a discounted item next time you shop.
  • Link your interests to academics. If you're passionate about music, get books about musicians and show how music and foreign languages are connected.

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