Minimum Technology Requirements
Reliable, up-to-date technology is an essential component for a successful online learning experience. In order to maintain quick and efficient online operation, Delaware Tech has established the following minimum technological requirements for your computer system.  

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Important Note: Delaware Tech does not support personal workstations. This requirements list is available to help you troubleshoot difficulties you may be having with your personal workstation. All Delaware Tech Online courses require a reliable connection to the Internet. You are responsible for setting up your own connection to the Internet. If your computer does not exceed the minimum requirements listed below, our online educational software may run slowly or not at all on your system.

 Computer System Requirements
7 - 10
10.7 - 10.12
Chrome OS
1 GHz or faster Intel Processor
Not fully supported.
Not all features will work..

Not fully supported.
Not all features will work.
Minimum RAM
4 GB 4 GB
Video Card 128 MB VRAM 512 MB VRAM
Monitor Resolution 1024 X 768 or higher 1024 X 768 or higher
Minimal Free
Hard Drive Space
16 GB (32 bit)
20 GB (64 bit)
15 GB You will need full access to a full computer
to be able to do everything in your Blackboard course.
Audio Card 24 bit sound card 24 bit sound card


Cable Broadband or DSL Connection
Min: 1.5 Mbps during regular usage / 5 Mbps or higher during any interactive sessions
Note: Wireless connections may create some problems during a session when taking exams

Headsets &
Headsets with a microphone or speakers and a microphone
are required for most Blackboard courses.
Screen Readers JAWS (Version 14 and above)
System Requirements: Operating systems and browsers
Click here to view their current requirements
System Requirements: Operating systems and browsers
Click here to view their current requrirements
Adobe Reader
Adobe Flash
Adobe Shockwave
Apple Quick Time
MS Media Player
Media Player Plug-in for Firefox
MS Media Player
Flip4Mac WMV Components for Quick Time
Real Network Player Real One Player
(Sun JRE)
Must be set to "Enabled"
Sun Java SE Runtime Environment 7
 Windows 7 - 10 may also use Java Version 8
Must be set to "Enabled or True" - Alternately, selecting the "Medium Security Level" on the
"Privacy" tab of the "Internet Options" panel will provide the necessary settings
Spam Blockers
Pop-Up Blockers should be turned off or allowed for the site
How to disable common Pop-Up Blockers

Minimum requirements do not insure optimal performance nor do they take into account any background tasks or programs
(i.e. anti-virus) which may be using memory.
Microsoft ended support for Windows XP on April 9, 2014 and is not supported for Blackboard
32-bit Operating System Configurations may still work but are not supported
JavaScript 6 and older is not supported, although it may continue to work
Browser Compatibility Table Terms
Fully tested and supported
Key application areas tested
Future technologies considered supported by Blackboard Support
Specified browser not supported for the operating system
For a full Browser and Plug-in check, Click Here
Please read all notes at the bottom of the page.
Windows Browsers

Operating System


Explorer 11*
Explorer 10*
(Stable Release)
Google Chrome*
(Stable Channel)
Windows 7 - SP1 Unsupported Certified Provisional Certified Compatible**
Windows 8 / 8.1 Unsupported Certified Certified Certified Compatible**
Windows 10 Compatible** Unsupported Unsupported Certified Compatible**
Current Versions 3+** 11.0.9600+ 10.09600+ 31+ 36+**
MAC OSX Browsers
Operating System Safari 8* Safari 7* Safari 6* Firefox*
{Stable Release)
Google Chrome*
(Stable Channel)
MAC OSX 10.7
Unsupported Provisional Provisional Provisional Provisional**
MAC OSX 10.8
Unsupported Unsupported Certified Certified Compatible**
MAC OSX 10.9
Certified Certified Unsupported Certified Compatible**
MAC OSX 10.10 Certified Unsupported Unsupported Certified Compatible**
MAC OSX 10.11 Certified Unsupported Unsupported Certified Compatible**
MAC 0SX 10.12 Certified Unsupported Unsupported Certified Compatible**


* Mobile app versions of these browsers aren't supported at this time, although users may have success using them. The Learn 2016 system theme improves the experience of mobile users in some interfaces. Bb Student and Bb Grader are supported native apps for mobile and tablet devices that interact with Blackboard Learn 9.1 servers.

** Google Chrome versions 42+ and Microsoft Edge do not support NPAPI-type plug-ins, including Java plug-ins and many media browser plug-ins. Blackboard doesn't support these browsers for use in the following circumstances: 1) with embedded media types that require third-party NPAPI plug-ins for viewing and 2) the multiple-file upload interface located in the Content Collection, although the other multiple-file upload interfaces are supported on these browsers.

Firefox (Latest Stable Release) - For information on Firefox's public development channels, refer to Firefox's Releases page. All other Firefox channels are unsupported.

Chrome (Stable Channel) - For information on Chrome's release channels, refer to the Chrome Release Channels page. All other Chrome channels are unsupported. Chrome does not support Java 7 on the Mac platform.  A 64-bit browser (Safari or Firefox, for example) is required to run Java 7 on Mac OS X. 32-bit browsers such as Chrome do not support Java 7 on the Mac platform.

Chrome OS - Chrome OS and Chromebooks are NOT supported for use with Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing.

Important Note for Mac OS 10.10 - 10.12 users - Java 8 is NOT supported, you must use the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher to launch your sessions and recordings.  Please review KBA 000037998 for more information on how to download the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher.