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Date Management Training

Here's how to use the Data Management Tool in Blackboard. This will help save you a lot of time editing all your dates in Blackboard. Here's how to use the tool as well as a link to a YouTube video from Blackboard on how to use the tool.

control panel for date management
1) After you course copy you will need to active (turn on) the Date Management tool in the Spring 2016 course. You do that by going to your Spring course, under the Control Panel > Customization > Course

Properties > Tool Availability.  Find Date Management tool in the list. Click the check box to turn it on. Now click Submit.

2) Now that the tool is on in your Spring course you can go to Course Tools under the Control Panel and click on course tools. Now click on Date Management.


3) Once you are in the tool you will see where you have three options on how to adjust the dates in your course. (See below) Setting a new course start date is the easiest way to make the edits. If you had course that started on the first day of the Fall semester you will put the first day of the Spring semester as the Current Start Date. Change accordingly if your classes started on any other day for the semester. You can also adjust for the number of days between start dates. This may come in handy for changes from a session 2 to session 3 course. Lastly – you can view as a list all the dates in your course and edit each one as needed.


date management window

Here is the link to the YouTube video or watch below.

YouTube Video