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Final Grades On-Line Submission

Timing is extremely critical due to “End-of-Term” processing that occurs directly following the closing of “Final Grades.” If there are changes or updates, please complete the necessary forms and submit to the Dean’s of Instruction Office.

Click here for a Printable Version: PDF


Log on to CAS (Central Authentication Service) at:

Log in to

  1. Click on "Self-Service Banner" in the top green menu bar of the MyDTCC portal.

    Click on "Self Service Banner"

  2. Click on the "Faculty Services" tab.

  3. Select the "Final Grades" link towards the bottom left of the page.

    Click on Faculty Services then Final Grades

  4. Read the information and select "Click here to Submit" button.
    Note: This is considered for your signature once you click the "Click here to Submit" button.

    Click "Click here to Submit"

  5. Select the Term from the "Select a Term" dropdown (ex. Spring 2015)

  6. Click on the "Submit" button.

    Select a term then click "Submit"

  7. Select the CRN from the "CRN" drop down. (ex DAC 141 601: Intro to Drug&Alcohol Counseling, 21529 (17)
    Note: You can only process one Final Grades Roster at a time.

    Select a CRN

  8. Click on the "Submit" button.

    Click "Submit"

  9. Begin assigning data to the Final Grades by selecting a grade from the drop down in the row of each student under the
    column titled "Grade."

    Select a grade for each student

  10. When you have completed assigning the necessary Final Grade roster, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on
    the "Submit" button.
    Reminder: You are not considered complete and your electronic signature will not be recorded until you click the "Submit" button
    at the bottom of the roster.

    Click "Submit" to record the grades

  11. To assign Final Grade values to another course, you must follow steps 3-11.