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No Show, Last Date of Attendance & Interim Progress Reports

The purpose of the NS and LDA reports are to comply with Federal guidelines by reporting any student who has either NEVER ATTENDED or has STOPPED ATTENDING.
IPRs, although not federally mandated, are an important part of our student success initiatives. The purpose of this process is to notify the students of their academic progress and encourage them to take appropriate action to improve if needed, before the “W” period ends. Having this will allow the students to make academic decisions based on their progress in each course.   Click here for a Printable Version of these instructions
When students are designated as No Shows or LDAs, they are made unavailable in the relevant Blackboard courses until they are reinstated in the class. 
Click here to learn more about No Show and LDA Student Availability

How to fill out and submit No Show (NS), Last Date of Attendance (LDA), and Interim Progress Reports (IPR)

1. Logon to to CAS (Central Authentication Service) at:

Log on to CAS

2. Click on "Self-Service Banner" in the top green menu bar of the MyDTCC portal.

Click on "Self-Service Banner"

3. Click on the "Faculty Services" tab.

4. Click on "No Show, LDA, and IPR" from the menu.

Click on Faculty Services and then No Show, LDR, and IPR.

5. Read the information and select the "Click here to Submit" button.
This is considered your signature, once you click the "Click here to Submit" button.

Click here to Submit
6. Select the term from the "Select a Term" drop down (ex. Spring 2015)

7. Click on the "Submit" button.

Select a term and click Submit

8. Select the CRN from the "CRN" drop down. (ex DAC 141 601: Intro do Drug&Alchol Counseling, 21529(17)
    Note: You can only process one No Show, LDA, and IDR Roster at a time.

Select a CRN (Course)

9. Click on the "Submit" button.

Click Submit

10. Identify students who have NEVER ATTENDED your class by entering a 0, (zero, not the letter "O") under the header "Attend Hours."

Enter a "0" for students who never attended your class

11.  Begin assigning data to the LDA roster by entering the DATE OF LAST ATTENDANCE of all sudents who began attending but have STOPPED ATTENDING as of the date you are processing the LDA roster, even if they have officially withdrawn ("O" or "W"). Please enter the date (MM/DD/YYY) under the header entitled "Last Attend Date."

If you previously reported a student as a “No Show” and have since readmitted the student back into class, a CLASS REINSTATEMENT FORM must be completed and submitted to the Registrar’s office to officially reinstate the student and to remove the “No Show” indicator on the student’s record. Failure to submit a class reinstatement form will result in the student receiving a grade of “U” in the course. Students may not be reinstated after the term has ended. 0 (zero, not the letter “O”) under the entitle “Attended Hours”.

Begin assigning data to the LDA roster

12.  When you have completed assigning the necessary LDA dates, you will need to enter the Interim Progress Report codes.

Rule 1: If you already entered a "0" (Zero) in the "Attended Hours" field during this or a previous reporting period, leave the field as is. For each student already set with "Attend Hours" at "0" (Zero), no further action is required.

Rule 2: For all other "Active" students, you will enter one of the following codes, listed below, in the "Attend Hours" field to denote their academic progress.

Code entered into "Attended Hours" field; Comment seen by student in interim progress email
     Code        Description
       80          Satisfactory
       82          Non-Satisfactory - Academic
       84          Non-Satisfactory - Attendance
       86          Non-Satisfactory - Academic and Attendance
       88          See Instructor

If you do not enter a proper code, the comment section on the email the student receives will read as follows: "Not Reported"

13. Begin assigning data to the roster by entering the proper code (from above) for each student under the header entitled "Attend Hours." Reminder: No further action is required for "No Show" students.

14. When you have completed assigning all NS, LDA, and IPR data on your roster, scroll to the bottom left of the screen and click the "Submit" button.


Reminder: You enter data for all three reports (NS, LDA, and IPR) on this page. You do not need to enter the data on separate reports.

Reminder: You are not considered complete and your electronic signature will not be recorded until you click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page as described in step 14 above. 

15. To assign NS, LDA, and IPR values to another course, you must follow steps 3 - 14.