No Show and LDA Student Availability

Student on a laptop
When a student is designated as a No Show or a Last Date of Attendance (LDA), he or she will become unavailable in the relevant Blackboard courses. The student will be unable to access the course. The instructor will still be able to view the student and their previous activity within the course. The instructor also has the ability to communicate with the student through email and temporarily make the student available within the course.

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  1. In the Grade Center, the unavailable student will have a small circle with a line through it to the left of their last name.

  2. The unavailable student will also show as "Unavailable" in the "Availability" column within Grade Center.

    Unavailable In Grade Center

    Email the unavailable student

  3. You may email the unavailable student by moving your mouse over the cell with their name to reveal a chevron pointing down. Click on the chevron to reveal a contextual menu. Note: The student will not be available through the "Course Email" tool.

  4. Then click on "Email User." You may then email the student to find out what is going on, encourage them to stay active within the course, or give instructions for being reinstated into the course.

    Navigate to Users

  5. If you discover that the "No Show" or "LDA" status was an accident, you may also make them "Available" on a day by day case until the reason is addressed through the Registrar's office. To do this, go to the "Control Panel," select "Users and Groups," and then select "Users."

    Student's availability reads as No

    Changing the student's role

  6. Find the student's name and note that in the column "Available" the student's cell will read "No." Move your mouse over the student's "Username" to reveal a chevron pointing down. Click on the chevron to reveal a contextual menu.

  7. Click on "Change User's Availability in Course" to open the "Role and Availability" window.

    Changing role to Yes

  8. Click on the "Available (this course only)" drop down and change the response to "Yes."

  9. Click the "Submit" button.

  10. The "Available" cell for the student will now read "Yes" in the "User's" window

    Student reads as Available

  11. The student will also show as "Available" in the "Availability" column and he or she will have full access to the course. Please note that this is only temporary and will reset back to "Unavailable" at the end of each day around 10:00 pm. This means you will have to repeat the process daily until the reason for the "Unavailable" has been resolved through the Registrar's Office. Once the reason for the "No Show" or "LDA" has been resolved the student will show as "Available" through the system and you will no longer have to perform these steps.

Student reads as Available