Workshops, Training, and One-on-One Support (Schedules)
Delaware Tech Academic Calendar
Workshops and one-on-one training sessions are offered by CCIT throughout the year for all Delaware Tech instructors, staff, and administrators.  New schedules are posted a few weeks after the beginning of each term. For more information about the sessions, click on the links below. Registration is not required but is helpful to the trainer to know how many are attending.  All training sessions are first come, first served. 
One-on-One training & support information is at the bottom of the page.

                                          Training & event locations on the calendar are:
                            D=Dover, G=Georgetown, S=Stanton, W=Wilmington, and V=Virtual

Instructional Events at Delaware Tech

 Printable Event Schedules
Spring 2017

George Campus Event Calendar

Owens Campus Event Calendar (PDF)

Stanton Campus Event Schedule (PDF)

Terry Campus Event Schedule (PDF)

Collegewide Event Schedule (PDF)

One-On-One Training & Support
For more information, or to schedule a one-on-one training, department specific training, or a special topic workshops,
please contact the appropriate person below.

George Campus 
Tracy Miles
(302) 657-5165
Owens Campus 
Pauline Pauley-Sturgeon
(302) 259-6852
Stanton Campus
Ishmael Stabosz
(302) 453-3789 
Terry Campus
Jerry Pearson
(302) 857-1752