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Recently, several instructors have reported issues with videos playing in Blackboard. This has been more evident with instructors who stream video from Vimeo. In most cases, the instructor has reported that when their student clicks on the video link, they receive an error like this:


Here is the issue:
Blackboard displays its content in something called a FRAME. Vimeo will not allow its streamed content to be displayed in a frame. Thus, the user receives the “The content below is outside of the Blackboard Learn environment” error window.

Here is the fix:
When creating a web link in Bb, always use the default setting of “Open in New Window = Yes” for best results. This is the default setting. Instructors can force the setting to “Open in New Window = No.” Although this may work, we do not recommend this.


If you experience this error – and are unsure how to address it, please don’t hesitate to contact CCIT for support. .

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