Posted by Nancy Shea

Since I teach psychology & counseling, I found some sites I would recommend both for you and your students.

1. This is called the “Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch. He was a professor @ Carnegie Mellon who had pancreatic cancer and made a conscious decision to live his life joyfully rather than to spend it dying. It is a testament to resilience…which is something we all need. This is a shot version, but there is an hour long version that is inspirational…for a day you might be feeling down or overwhelmed. He inspires positive thinking.

2. This site is for general psych – but could be helpful to everyone – there are articles on taking care of yourself over the holidays(stress) and managing your distress after the school shooting (emotion health). I believe this would be useful to us as instructors and to our students as they experience the same types of stresses.

3. This site is about counseling. I think it is useful not only for my class, but also for instructors who may wonder how to communicate a little more effectively and to get students to communicate more effectively. Scroll down to see role plays of different counseling styles. If you can’t get information (from another person/student) one way, you may be able to change your wording and successfully get the information you are seeking…

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