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GroupTable –
This tool allows students and teachers to collaborate at a distance. Students can do group projects, form study groups, and hold student club activities at a distance. This resource can be used to manage tasks to keep the group on track through the use of task lists. Many types of files can be uploaded to be shared by individuals within the group. Revisions to files can be tracked. Discussion boards and chat features are also available with this resource. This resource can be free to users or is available at a modest cost. The instructor can monitor activities of the group and has a way of determining whether or not all members of the group participated in the assignment. I plan to try this resource this semester and would like to know if anyone has already used it.

ShowMe –
This is a tool for use with using your IPAD as a whiteboard. Using this tool students and teachers can create and share simple voice-over lessons. Instead of using PowerPoint for presentations, this might be a great tool for student-to-student or student-to-teacher instruction. A combination of voice, text, handwriting, clipart, as well as videos can be used to create mini tutorials.

On this website, you can learn or teach a topic of interest. I noticed that there is a lot of material available for ESL learning and instruction. There is an interesting example of an instructor who created an entire website of tutorial created by his/her class.

Quizlet –
This tool provides a way to create mini quizzes and study guides for students. It looks like another technique for teaching basic concepts. You can create flashcards for terms, for example. Students may find this tool a good way to student for quizzes or exams since games can be created such as Scatter (a matching type of game) and Space Race (where students must type in answers in a limited period of time). Students can go to the website or use their iphones. This looks like a relatively sophisticated website with support and demos available. My easy search turned up many quizlets for accounting.

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