Abstract from the book “Teaching Naked” – by Jose Bowen

Higher education is changing as a result of new technologies that are changing our interaction with knowledge, altering the meaning of social proximity, and increasing expectations of customization. Technology, however, is still most powerfully used outside the classroom as a way to increase naked, non-technological interaction with students in the classroom; here is practical advice for faculty and administrators on how to engage students with mobile and web technology, and then restructure class meetings into active learning environments where students will have a reason to attend. The aim is to connect recent research (that students learn more from podcasts than lectures or textbooks) to practical questions (how to make a better podcast) with the larger administrative challenges (what will happen when all of the best lectures are available as free podcasts?) The lesson from the transformations of other intellectual property industries is that technology will change our packaging, but reveal that our core product is still learning. Teaching Naked is a strategy for using new technologies to keep our courses, curriculum and campuses focused on more analysis of content and more contextualized learning.

To learn more, visit: teachingnaked.com/

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