Posted by Leeann Simmons
This is a wonderful website that can be used for free by anyone, including teachers and students. It is valuable because it allows the recording of anything that can be displayed on a computer screen in addition to the voice of the person or persons who are preparing the recording. As a result, the program can be helpful to students who are both visual as well as auditory learners. This would also be valuable to a flipped classroom. The presentation can also be saved so that it can be viewed again and again at later dates. A professional version of the program can be purchased for the price of $15.00 per year.
This site posts video testimonies from over 1,000 Holocaust survivors and other witnesses. Topics on the site include Ghetto Life, Anti-Jewish Laws, Anti-Semitism, Bystanders, Camps (Labor/Concentration), Survivial, War Crimes Trials, Schindler Jews, and many others. The stories told by individuals in these videos are incredible. To hear this information from these individuals is incredible. Reading their statements from a book or website would not have the same impact. This site is invaluable to those who teach history or social sciences.
A glog is a graphic blog. On one page (which has the appearance of a colorful poster), the developer can post multiple links to websites and materials that relate to the topic of the page. All links are displayed on the page (poster) in an artistic manner. Rather than typing a boring research paper, an instructor could require students to create a glog page. The student would select interesting visual graphics that display and connect the reader to further information. A glog page could also be utilized by an instructor to present information to students as well. Students may be more motivated to see what information was connected to each item posted on the page.

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