By Michele Warch

These are the 2.0 apps that I found that I thought were most useful:

1. Spiderscribe This is a brainstorming program that helps students to collect, connect, and organize ideas. It also has web and blog applications. My thought was that the obvious applications would include planning and organizing course projects (through the public mapping ability), but also to improve organizational skills, as it includes the ability to access from anywhere and incorporate calendars and other reminder programs.

2. Learn it in 5 This is a teaching/exploration site for assisting instructors in using digital media in the classroom, including tips on: blogging, podcasts, wikis, and videos. It also has links to online courses to provide more technologically specific information. I emailed to request more information on cost and registration procedures.

As an aside, the creator of the site and courses, Mark Barnes, has a Twitter account which shares a variety of information on the concept of Paperless Classrooms. You can follow him at:@markbarnes19

3. Quizinator… This is an FREE application that allows instructors to create, store, update, and maintain a wide array of study sheets, maps, graphs, diagrams, and test/quiz sections.

4. Plinky This is an application that provides writing prompts to help develop communication and thought processing skills. Responses can be shared on social media. I can see this as a bonus for a variety of skill improvement applications.

5. Micromob… This is a site that offers the ability to create a ‘mob’ discussion where you can control who sees it and everyone can participate. I thought this would be helpful for the class discussion without the complications of ‘threads’ and the confusion of discussion boards.

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