By Paula Lucas

I use this extensively for my Excel and Access courses. Previously, I would create using multimedia tools demonstrating and explaining to students how to complete specific skills.  The resources on YouTube are unlimited now for this. I have links provided within the course showing some of the difficult tasks students have had a history understanding. I also have students search for links for assistance also. It is important for them to be aware of using resources to obtain information.

This site is used to turn words into a  word graphic. I have been working with this over lunch and it is so great.  It is in Beta so who knows how long it will be free. I have used Wordle previously. This has a few more features to it. I will be using it to make some new banners for my courses in BlackBoard.

Word Press–
I am interested in using this program to create a blog. I feel our students in the Business area should become familiar with it. I am interested in using it in a couple of my courses.

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