By Kristie Lynn Hellens

I found the following Web 2.0 tools to be of interest to me. What’s great about each one of these tools is their ability to display visual content in a meaningful and creative way right at our fingertips.

Popplet This is a fun and simple way for students and/or teachers to record their ideas.  It could be used for individual assignments or collaborative projects. This tool gives students and/or teachers the ability to tell stories using data, and can be a means to creatively express the knowledge or skills  someone has pertaining to a particular content area or subject matter. is a way to create, share, and explore visual content.

Glogster Glogster is an easy way for users to create online multimedia posters.  Students can be creative by using text, photos, videos, graphics, sound, drawings, etc. as a way to demonstrate what they have learned through visual media.

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