By Rob Rector

As we learn about new technologies, please be vigilant in hopping aboard just anything. Third-party sites can come and go like the tide. ( ): Gives you all the features of Photoshop, but without having to pay $600 for a licensing fee.

cutmp3 ( If you wish to cut music for a certain portion, this is a great way to isolate a soundbite.

zamzar ( ): takes videos from Youtube or Vimeo and converts them so that you can embed them without having to worry about links that can often go down.

Screenr ( Allows you to caputre all onscreen monitor movement.

Google Hangout: (…): chat with student/faculty/friendsĀ  through video. Take screen caps, toggle between open screens, chat with up to nine people.

PDFescape ( Edit and maipulate your PDF docs.

Prezi ( Break out of boring PowerPoint presentations. Powerpoints are typically horrible; there are alternatives, but nothing beats a dynamic speaker. If you must, don’t make students buy it. They can do it in Google for free (… ).

Share your presentaitons here at Slidesnack (


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