by Dr. Richard Kralevich (@rickkralevich)
Associate Vice President for Information and Instructional Technology
Delaware Technical Community College

Our Vice President for Academic Affairs, Stephanie Smith, recently shared this article from Inside Higher Ed. Authors Andrea Watson and Doug Lederman highlight, among other promising practices, a series of videos produced by Heritage University’s Institute for Student Identity and Success. These videos have instructors for an audience, and the goal is to help faculty understand the needs of first generation college students.

Sister Kathleen Ross, Heritage’s founding president, explained that the series “grew from the idea that students learn many of the practices and skills that lead to academic success subliminally, through socialization, rather than being directly told or taught them.”

Ross also explained that she “originally wanted to publish the strategies on individual tip sheets, but feedback from some faculty members was that people wouldn’t take the time to read them. The video was the best way to convey information.”

Video topics include Using Analogies, Time and Place to Study, Building Student Confidence, and Text Hunting – to name a few. I think the strategies, as well as the underlying messages, provided in these videos are outstanding. Check them out here.

CCIT would love to know what you think. After watching the videos, share your thoughts in the comments.

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