Final Piece

For faculty, by faculty.

That’s the motto of Delaware Tech’s Instructional Innovation Conference 2014. Take a look at six more workshops that your colleagues have planned for you.

Note that each workshop is classified as either a practice session or a conversation session.

Practice sessions focus on sharing, modeling, and discussing pedagogy in higher education, while allowing for interaction among session participants. These sessions go beyond simply “why to” to include “how to”. Participants should come expecting to do something, not just to receive information.

Conversation sessions provide a time and space for participants to discuss pedagogy in higher education. Each session will consist of a brief (10 minutes or less) presentation to contextualize the topic, followed by active participant discussion.

Problem-based Learning in the English Classroom
Ish Stabosz
Practice Session

Problem-based learning (or PBL) is an instructional strategy which gets students thinking critically about subject matter by forcing them to engage deeply and actively in authentic problems. PBL is often considered most fitting for the math or science classroom, but in this workshop, Ish Stabosz will demonstrate that PBL can work for English teachers too. In addition to being presented with one model of PBL in the English classroom, participants will also have a chance to brainstorm methods of implementing it in their own classes.

Investigating Open Educational Resources
Jade Burris
Practice Session

Looking for multimedia to use in your classroom? You don’t have to recreate the wheel! Find open educational resources to enhance your content. Open educational resources (OER) are resources available at no cost that can be used for teaching and learning. These materials are typically electronic and are generally released under a Creative Commons (CC) license that supports open use of the content. Participants attending this session will learn how to search for OER and learn about the CC licensing system that regulates how OER materials are used. Examples of OER will be shared. There will also be time during the session to practice searching for content specific OER.

Finding the Power in PowerPoint
Norm Burt
Practice Session

A two-part workshop covering intermediate and advanced techniques for navigating PowerPoint. Topics to include: Working with slide and handout masters, working in outline view, adding photo albums, creating custom bullets, using shapes to mask images and videos, copying formats, arranging graphics, tailoring the status bar, keyboard navigation, using autocorrect creatively, and more!

Experiences in Experiential Learning—Thinking Outside the Classroom
Gerry Cook
Conversation Session

Having problems connecting what you’re teaching in the classroom with what your graduates’ employers expect them to be able to do? If so, this conversation session is right for you. Experiential Learning takes the student out of the classroom and into the workplace. It not only gives “hands-on” practice for your students, but more importantly teaches them how to deal with real-life problems in organizational culture, teamwork, conflict resolution and communications. This session will start off with a brief overview of experiential learning as applied in the Operations Management Technology Program. In the rest of the session we will brainstorm ways to bring experiential learning into your courses. Please bring your ideas, questions, and/or thoughts to share.

Assessing Students’ Background Knowledge in Science Classes
Michael Buoni
Conversation Session

Biology, Chemistry and Physics: What do your students really know before they get to your class? This session will share ways we can identify students’ background knowledge for greater success. Many time as educators in science, we assume that students should know things before coming to us. It isn’t our problem if they didn’t learn it before, right? Wrong! This session will provide you with examples of how to quickly assess students’ understanding of a topic BEFORE you teach, and how it can pay off in greater student success.

Teacher’s Toolbox
Christina Tarabicos
Practice Session

Are you a professional who is making the transition to education? Do you know your content but wonder, “what on Earth do I do with these students for an hour and twenty minutes (or *gasp!* longer!?!)”? Teacher’s Toolbox is a workshop specifically designed to answer that question. Teachers will learn how to develop a lesson plan, how to engage students in learning, and how to incorporate the basic components/structure of a daily lesson. Participants attending this workshop will learn different methods of lesson planning and some easy, simple ways to be innovative and creative. They will design one timed lesson, complete with objectives, activities, and assessments. This workshop is specifically designed for those who are newly entering the higher-level education field.

Now we have shared all 36 workshop descriptions. If you’ve missed any of them, or you just want to browse a bit more, see the master list here. Also, you can access additional conference materials, such as a map and agenda, here.

See you at the conference!

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