The Right Tech

By Molli Carter
Center for Creative Instruction & Technology
Delaware Technical Community College
Owens Campus

Since his presentation at Delaware Tech’s first Instructional Innovation Conference, Jose Bowen has gotten many of us thinking about how technology outside of the classroom can engage our students in such a way that they enter our building ready to become better thinkers. Not all technology strategies develop student thinking in the same way, though. In Selecting the Right Technology Tool, author Tami Eggleston of McKendree University takes a look at five different forms of technology many instructors currently use outside of class—wikis, discussion boards, journals, blogs, and graded online quizzes—and pinpoints which principles of good teaching and cognitive taxonomy level each addresses. For example, one handy table in the article breaks down how each of these five tools encourage principles like “student-faculty interaction”, “cooperation between students”, and “active learning”. Read the full article here.

Have you implemented any of these in your courses? Do you agree with Eggleston’s analysis of which forms best address the cognitive taxonomies and principles of good teaching?

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