Fast Five

by Dr. Richard Kralevich (@rickkralevich)
Associate Vice President for Information and Instructional Technology
Delaware Technical Community College

In the word’s of the immortal Ol’ Blue Eyes* himself “The summer wind, came blowin’ in from across the sea.”  And now, just as quickly as it came – it’s passed us by. <sigh/>

Oh well, no time to dwell in the past – it’s back to school time! Here is this month’s collection of our favorite articles, blog posts, videos, and editorials that have recently crossed our desks.  As always – please share links to your favorite “must reads” in the comment section below.

*PS – to our newer blog readers, if you don’t know who Ol’ Blue Eyes is, then there is truly no helping you!!! (kidding of course).

Here we go…

1. A Nudge to Renew (Study: Text messages about renewing aid boost 2-year college persistence)

2. Five Ways to Text From Your Laptop

3. Create a Leaderboard in WordPress for your Storyline Game

4. Report Card: Gamification in Learning (What Works?)

5. The Obvious Benefits of In-Class Writing Assignments

…and one for the road…

Every Class Session Deserves a Setlist


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