By Ish Stabosz
Center for Creative Instruction & Technology
Delaware Technical Community College
Stanton Campus

Ever since I joined Delaware Tech’s professional development task force, I’ve constantly been thinking about how faculty can incorporate PD into their day-to-day routine without taking up too much of their time, so I was excited when this news update from District Admiinstration found its way to my inbox. In the article, Matt Zalaznick talks about how Twitter is becoming a professional development network that teachers are using to share resources and start conversations.

It works like this: people who are interested in talking about STEM, for example, simply add the hashtag #STEMchat to a relevant tweet. Anyone else who is interested in that subject can simply search for #STEMchat to see what’s being shared. Some of the other hashtags that Zalaznick mentions are #kinderchat and #pblchat.

We’ve been doing the same thing at Ask CCIT for a while, now; I just never thought about it as professional development. But really, it is. And it doesn’t cost you any more time than sending a tweet. If you are browsing the internet and come across something that would be helpful for your fellow instructors, just tweet out the link and add the hashtag #askccit. Your tweet will appear in the sidebar of our blog, and it will be easily searchable for everyone else out there on Twitter.

So take 30 seconds out of your day today for professional development. It’s as simple as tweeting #askccit.


  1. aldrushler5 years ago

    I wonder if we can create a hashtag for each of our classes (#mat185drushler) and post notes to our classes? We can use Twitter to send out reminders of assignments and students can check these announcements out using the hashtag.

    Would we need to also update the Blackbaord Announcements each time we make an announcement on a social media site? Some people do not use social media sites?

    Any thoughts?

    1. Ish Stabosz5 years ago

      I don’t know if Twitter could replace Blackboard as a place to post assignments, but reminders could certainly be sent on Twitter without having to also make a Bb announcement, since reminders are like a bonus.

      That being said, I don’t think you’d get the most bang for your buck with Twitter, as I think our students don’t fall within the age range of the average user. Remind.com might be a better choice. It allows you to safely and securely send text messages to students, and almost everyone has a cell phone.


      1. aldrushler5 years ago

        Thanks Ish. I tried uploaded some sample announcements (reminders) to twitter using #mat185drushler. It worked out pretty nicely. I’ll look int remind.com and the possibility of sending text messages.

        According to the Bowen book, text messages or tweets should only be used as reminders (bonuses) to students. They should be short and with the purpose of encouraging and reminding.

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