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By Ish Stabosz
Center for Creative Instruction & Technology
Delaware Technical Community College
Stanton Campus

Last May, I posted this article about common problems with student presentations and some resources for overcoming them.  By the time the post was published, though, a lot of classes were already in the midst of their final presentations for the semester, so it was a bit untimely.

Since we are nearing the home stretch of the semester, I thought it might be a good time to dig this one up from the archives as you start planning how to handle final presentations. So, if you are tired of ineffective visuals, boring PowerPoints, and overly anxious students, check out Presentation Problems.

I’ve also dug up a few other oldies that you might find helpful as you prepare students for successful presentations:

PowToon to the Rescue!

Visualizing Instruction: Three Pieces of Ed Tech for Creating Visual Aids

PowerPoint and the Big Glass Barrier

The Right Tool for the Right Job: A Closer Look at Powerpoint

Enjoy! And feel free to share your own resources in the comments.

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