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By Preston Becker (
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In my last post, I showed you how to embed a Google calendar in your class Blackboard page and talked about the advantages of using Google calendar in your classroom. This post will talk about how to use links and attach files in Google calendar.

Google calendar allows you to put up homework assignments like this:

Google Homework

Note the copy to my calendar feature. My students use this all the time to copy assignments into their own personal calendar. All students at Del Tech have a Google calendar attached to their email accounts.

Inserting Links

Sometimes putting up typed instructions is not enough, and you need a link to a webpage. Links work fine in Google calendar, but they may take an extra step. Here is a what a homework assignment with a URL looks like:

Google Assignment with link

Students can copy the link and paste it into a browser, or they can click on more details, which opens the entry in another window where the links are clickable, like the one below.

Google Assignments More Details

Attaching Documents to a Google Calendar Entry

Often you need to upload PowerPoints and other documents within your assignment instructions. Google calendar let’s you do this as well. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1 – Enable attachments

First, you have to enable the attachments feature on your Google calendar account. Click on the gear, then select Labs.

Step 1 - Enable Attachments

Then go to Event attachments and click Enable.

Step 1 - Enable Attachments 2

Step 2 – Make a folder in Google drive

You now will be able to attach a file when you make a calendar entry, but where do those files go? Since this is Google calendar, of course the attachments are stored in Google Drive. If you have a Del Tech email address, you have a Google Drive already, which is easily accessible through the MyDTCC Resources page:

Preston Becker - Using Google 6

Since your Google Drive is private, you will need to make a shared folder to upload class materials to. Here’s a one minute video showing how to create a shared folder on Google Drive:

Step 3 – Upload files

Now you are ready to upload files. In the assignment, below, for example I refer students to an APA template, which I’ll need to upload as a Word file to the calendar.

Google Assignment Details

Here is a video showing how to upload files to your Google calendar

You only have to upload a file once, so next semester, your document will still be there waiting for you in your Google Drive.

Even better, if you are like me and teach multiple sections of the same course, all you need to do is copy a calendar entry into another course’s calendar, and all links and files automatically go with it.

Lastly, my course calendar is readily available on my phone so I can add, change, or share calendar entries with my students on the fly without having to log into blackboard. Google calendar really makes things easy.

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