Wednesday Words of Wisdom

This week’s words of wisdom come from Dan Kasper in the Energy Technologies department at Stanton Campus:

I like to review the previous week’s material at the beginning of each class, but I felt that the “me standing up there and talking and asking questions” routine was getting stale and was losing their attention. Last semester, I started doing Google Drive-based review sessions at the beginning of class instead. I set up a series of review questions on a Google Doc prior to class, and the students have 10-15 minutes to fill them in at the beginning of class. We then discuss them as a group. This results in more active, low-stakes learning (they are welcome to use whatever resources they want to find the answer), and also serves as a review sheet for them for exams and other course content. I now integrate this into multiple courses, and generally find it effective. This could also provide a quiz grade.

Click here for a sample from my Sustainability in Society course in the Fall of 2014. (Please excuse the formatting errors – this was my first attempt!)

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