By Ish Stabosz
Center for Creative Instruction & Technology
Delaware Technical Community College
Stanton Campus

It’s that time of the year, again. That time students spend all semester dreading. You know what I’m talking about.


Yup, the last two weeks of the semester are often reserved for two of the student body’s worst nightmares: final exams and presentations. I’ll offer no help on the exam front today, but for preparing students for presentations, I’ve got a ton of resources. You can check out some that I’ve shared in the past by clicking here.

Today, I’ll offer this TED talk from Amy Cuddy, who shares some interesting research on how “Your body language shapes who you are”. If you’ve never seen this one before, it’s worth the twenty minutes. Even if you have seen it, it’s worth a refresher. You’ll learn what power poses are and how standing in them for a couple minutes before a high-stress social encounter can set you up for success.

I show a clip of this to my students as they get ready for presentations. I start it around the 10 minute mark and let it roll for about six minutes.

I want them to hear from someone other than me that there really are things they can do to overcome presentation anxiety. And I tell them to take Amy Cuddy’s message beyond just my classroom. Power poses could be one of the most life-changing things they learn about in college.

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