By Ish Stabosz
Center for Creative Instruction & Technology
Delaware Technical Community College
Stanton Campus

Do you ever have students fall asleep in your class? Did you ever wonder why?

Well, Michael Wesch decided to find out, and here’s what he discovered about one student named David Dechant:

This video resonated with me because I was David Dechant in school. I never fell asleep in class (well, not much), but a LOT of my time sitting in a desk throughout high school and college was spent doing what I call game-storming (Brainstorming about games. Get it?).

In fact, I loved going to some of my most boring, lecture-heavy classes because I knew that it gave me a solid hour or more to zone out and scribble in my notebooks about the next video game I wanted to create, a board game I had in the works, or the storyline for my weekly D&D game.

Maybe we can’t all invite our students to classes with “no PowerPoints, no lectures, no textbooks, no syllabus, no grades” like Wesch did, but there is plenty that we can do to recognize and leverage the talents that our students bring to our classrooms.

Thanks to Al Drushler for sharing this video with me!

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