LMS Implementation Plan

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We are pleased to announce that Brightspace by Desire to Learn (D2L) has been selected as the new learning management system for Delaware Technical Community College. In response to our College community needs and feedback, the College selected D2L as the best match for our faculty, student, and administrative goals due to the following factors:

  • Easy to use Brightspace interface
  • Student Success System
  • Insights advanced learning analytics
  • Responsive mobile design
  • Pulse app for students

An overview of CCIT’s 4-level training program for D2L

Transitioning from Blackboard

As we move into this period of transition, Blackboard will continue to be available and supported through the end of the spring 2019 term. CCIT, with support from the Instructional Innovation Network (IIN), will lead the migration and implementation project and will communicate plans and progress with the College community in the coming months. This page shares the most current information regarding the implementation and training timelines.

This is an exciting opportunity for the College to increase our offerings of relevant, responsive, and high-quality education for our students. We encourage full faculty and staff participation as we work together to make this transition over the coming months. If you have questions or comments or would like to get involved, please read our FAQs or contact Anjuli Hendee at ahendee@dtcc.edu.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does this affect me?

For most faculty, moving to Brightspace by D2L will occur during Phase 4 of the timeline, with training beginning during Phase 1.

What kind of training will I need?

CCIT will provide several levels of training for faculty to prepare for and assist with this transition. Training will be offered in a variety of formats, including faculty/adjunct in-service, workshops, and online.

How can I participate in a training phase?

We anticipate training will begin in Fall 2017 (Phase 1). Stay tuned for more information on how to attend.

Will I be able to copy my files over from Blackboard?

Yes, files and course components from Blackboard can be migrated to Brightspace.

What happens to existing Blackboard organizations as we transition to D2L?

Blackboard organizations will be discontinued in May 2019. The good news is that the College now supports a variety of alternative technologies to assist with storing, delivering, and sharing content as well as communicating with groups. CCIT is available to assist you in evaluating your needs and finding a solution for when organizations are phased out. Please contact Tracy Miles (miles@dtcc.edu) to discuss your migration plan from Blackboard organizations.

Where can I learn more about D2L?

Check out the Brightspace community page at: community.brightspace.com/s/.

Glossary of D2L Terms and Features

Brightspace App Finder

The Brightspace App Finder is a tool for faculty to search for and integrate extensions, apps, content, and services that work within their Brightspace course.

Brightspace Community

Who are the Brightspace Community? You are! The community is a place for instructors, partners, users, developers and D2L staff to ask questions, share ideas & resources, network with other D2L users, and offer suggestions to improve the Brightspace learning environment.

Brightspace LE (Learning Environment)

Brightspace is the online classroom (LMS) where students go to access their courses.

Brightspace Pulse

Pulse is a mobile app that helps students keep track of important updates and interact with their courses. Students can get an at-a-glance look at their weekly schedule, which shows the busiest times as well as displaying every important date and deadline. They can also participate in class discussions directly from the app, keeping them engaged in the course.


Insights is an advanced learning analytics tool that turns student data into actionable opportunities for student success. Using a variety of measures including historical data, this tool helps instructors identify and predict which students are at-risk and then create specific interventions to help them succeed.

LOR (Learning Object Repository)

The LOR is a centralized content library that integrates with the learning environment, allowing instructors to publish or update their courses more easily by pulling their documents, media, and other materials from one central source. Resources can be searched, shared, and reused across an organization, helping instructors find and organize their course content.

S3 (Student Success System)

S3 is an early intervention tool that helps instructors predict at-risk students, identify their risk factors, and get those students back on track. It provides instructors with both a “Success Index” that shows a student’s predicted final grade and a specific “Risk Type:” academic, engagement, withdrawal, dropout, empowering them to provide specialized intervention as needed.


YouSeeU is an integrated video assignment tool that provides structured, video-based assessments for speeches and presentations. Instructors can offer time-stamped feedback so students can see where they did well or where they need to improve.

Phase 1

Courses offered in the RN-BSN online program will be delivered in D2L.
Faculty training begins in February.

Course Delivery: Spring 2018

Phase 2

A select group of online courses will be delivered in D2L.
Departments: RN to BSN, Instruction, Design & Technology

Course Delivery: Summer 2018

Phase 3

Additional distance education courses will be delivered in D2L.
Departments: Agriculture, Business, Communication, Criminal Justice, English, Information Technology & Networking, Math, Social Sciences, SSC 100

Course Delivery: Fall 2018

Phase 4

All courses in selected departments (college-wide) will be delivered in D2L.
Departments: Architectural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Construction Management, Education, Environmental, Geographic Information System, Human Services, Nursing, Visual Communication

Course Delivery: Spring 2019

Phase 5

All courses offered in Summer 2019 will be delivered in D2L.
Departments: Transportation, Remaining Health and Sciences, Computing and Information Science, Culinary Arts, Remaining Engineering Technologies, Spanish/ESL, Student Success Courses, Workforce Development, Dual Enrollment Courses

Course Delivery: Summer 2019

Full Implementation

All courses offered in Fall 2019 will be delivered in D2L.

Course Delivery: Fall 2019