Decommissioning of Blackboard

Now that D2L has been phased in as the new Learning Management System (LMS), CCIT and IIT have begun the process of decommissioning all aspects of Blackboard (Bb) that have been in use at the college. After June 20, 2019 Blackboard will be discontinued, so faculty, students, and staff will no longer have access to Blackboard, or to previous courses within Blackboard. For this reason, it is important for users to be aware of how this will affect them and to take the necessary steps to backup any content and/or data from previous courses and organizations in Blackboard.

Please review the Blackboard decommission project information on this page. For further assistance or questions, you may continue to submit Blackboard help tickets through the IIT website or by contacting your campus CCIT office.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will instructors lose access to their Blackboard courses?

Faculty, staff, and students will lose access to Blackboard on 6/20/2019. After this date, it will NOT be possible to recreate or import/export content to, or from, old Blackboard courses.

After Blackboard is turned off, can faculty and staff still re-open old Blackboard courses to download content, gradebooks, assessments, etc.?

No. After 6/20/2019, there is no way to open previous courses, export content, or view gradebooks from Blackboard courses.

Can I use Blackboard’s EXPORT PACKAGE function to export a course and import it into D2L?

Content from old Blackboard courses can be downloaded until the discontinue date of 6/20/2019. This function allows you to export all components of course content, or to select individual components. Please note that the EXPORT PACKAGE function does NOT include any user interactions, student work submissions, or student grades.  These can be downloaded separately. A video demonstration on how to export a Blackboard course and import it into D2L can be found here:

Should I use the ARCHIVE COURSE function to save old Blackboard courses?

No. While the ARCHIVE COURSE function in Blackboard produces a file of permanent record of the course at that time, the file cannot be utilized unless it is imported back into a Blackboard course. As we will not have access to Blackboard after 6/20/2019, these large course archive files will not be useful.

How do I backup my old Blackboard Gradebooks?

A: Blackboard gradebooks for the last three years of courses should be downloaded and saved as Excel files. See a video walkthrough of downloading Bb gradebooks here:…

How can I download student work from previous Blackboard courses?

Student work that was submitted through Blackboard can be downloaded and archived if necessary. A video walkthrough of this procedure can be seen here:

What about student grade challenges for 2018-2019?

If there is a student grade challenge for a previous term where the course was offered in Blackboard, this should immediately be reported to the Deans of Instruction’s office.

What should instructors do for students with a grade of “Incomplete” for a Blackboard course?

If an instructor has any outstanding grades of incomplete “I” for the Fall 2018 or Spring 2019 semesters, where the course was offered in Blackboard, they should report this to their Deans of Instruction office no later than 5/15/2019.

Students who were issued an incomplete grade of “I” in a Blackboard course during the 2018-2019 year will need to either have their coursework completed in the existing Blackboard course before 6/1/2019, or they will need to be provided the opportunity to complete the remainder of the incomplete coursework in the equivalent D2L course.

What is happening with “Blackboard Organizations”?

Existing Blackboard Organization sites will be discontinued and unavailable on 6/20/2019. At this time, all content and contacts within the organization site will be deleted. As there is no automated system for recreating or importing Blackboard Organizations, CCIT has been working with the leaders of existing Bb Organizations to develop custom solutions for replacing their Bb Org. This has been through a combination of GoogleDrive, Email lists, etc.

Please contact Tracy Miles ( before 6/1/2019 with questions regarding Blackboard Organizations.

Now that Blackboard is gone, how do I learn to use D2L?

All faculty and staff who need access to courses within D2L should have been enrolled in CCIT’s D2L training course. This self-paced course provides instructional modules for building and managing courses in D2L. Information on how to access the D2L Instructor Training Course can be found here:…

To be enrolled in this training, or to view scheduled D2L workshops offered by CCIT, please visit the CCIT website or contact your campus CCIT office.

Where should faculty and staff go with questions regarding the decommissioning of BlackBoard?

Blackboard help tickets can continue to be submitted through the IIT website or by contacting your campus CCIT office.