Interactive Learning Object Request

Interactive learning objects are visually/virtually interactive learning objects delivered online where the participant can manipulate/interact with content in as part of learning.  These micro-learning components currently can be divided into two categories:
Interactive Learning Objects usually covering one or two concepts/content items and are best suited for practice with feedback, formative assessment, or discovery introduction to content. The interactive learning can also be an image or video with “clickable” areas that provide additional information. (ThingLink)
Immersive Virtual Tours & Expeditions with a series of “stitched-together” still images that allow the participant to see a location in a 360-degree view.  (ThingLink)
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Laptop computer with Learning Object on screen

Best Suited For

Interactive Practice:

Creating Solutions Screen Capture

The learner is presented with a situation and/or process that needs to be completed. As the learner completes the process, he/she is presented corrective feedback. The learner can “practice” the process as often as needed independent of the need for lab or special location.

Interactive Practice Example


Scenario-based decision processes:

Scenario Based Learning Object

The learner is presented with a real-life scenario that he/she must make decisions that result in changes to the situation. At the conclusion of the scenario the learner could be presented with a real result based on decisions instead of test score.

Scenario-Based Decision Example

ThingLink 360 Image (Virtual Tours):

360 Thinglink Image

Immersive Virtual Tours and explorations with a series of “stitched-together” still images that allow the participant to see a location in a 360-degree view. (Requires faculty to have ThingLink account)

Field Trip Virtual Tour Example

Gray Water Utility Room Tour