Interactive Learning Object Request

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Interactive learning objects are web-based or mobile-device mini-programs that allow students to visually and/or virtually interact with objects to enhance understanding. These micro-learning components are small in scope, usually covering one or two concepts/content items and are best suited for practice with feedback, formative assessment, or discovery introduction to content. They are designed to support primary instruction.

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Best Suited For

Knowledge-based, focused discovery learning

Knowledge based

Instead of a direct lecture on content, the learner is presented with a situation or problem where the learner can select items on screen that reveals new information associated with the topic. As the learner explores the scenario, he/she discovers content.

Knowledge-Based Learning Object Example

In the example above, clicking on a virtual map shows information about that location, dragging items on screen to locations reveals more information.

Skill-based practice and feedback:

skill based

The learner is presented with a situation and/or process that needs to be completed. As the learner completes the process he/she is presented corrective feedback. The learner can “practice” the process as often as needed independent of the need for lab or special location.

Skill-Based Learning Object Example

In the example above, the lab report is not completed correctly and the measurement of distance is calculated incorrectly.

Scenario-based decision processes:

Scenario Based

The learner is presented with a real-life scenario that he/she must make decisions that result in changes to the situation. At the conclusion of the scenario the learner is presented with a result rather than a score.

Scenario-Based Learning Object Example

In the example above, the person is placed in different rolls to see different perspectives, hospital patient needs care with each choice leading to a patient outcome, therapy session result is determined by a choices.