Legacy NFD Participants

A revised version of the NFD Program was implemented in August 2017. Faculty who have already completed some of the requirements for the previous version of the program before this should work with their campus Learning Strategies Coordinator to develop the best course of action for completing the program. This page details the most important aspects of the program that may affect legacy participants.

Customized PD Plan

If you have already submitted your Customized Professional Development Plan, you do not need to resubmit a new one. If you have not completed this plan yet, you should make use of the new document found here.

NFD 101

If you have not completed NFD 101 yet, you will be responsible for completing all of the Introduction to Instruction activities detailed in Phase 2 on our NFD Program page.

If you have completed NFD 101, you will be exempt from many of these activities, and your Learning Strategies Coordinator will inform you of any that you will still need to complete.


The new NFD program requires 8 total credits of coursework, which must include IDT G10 and IDT G20, or their equivalents.

  • IDT G21 fulfills the requirement to take IDT G10.
  • IDT G31 fulfills the requirement to take IDT G20.
  • Credits from NFD 101 and any other IDT courses you have taken count toward your required 8 credits.

If you have any questions about what courses you need to complete, please contact your campus Learning Strategies Coordinator.