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Bulk Course Copy

Effective: 5/25/2018
Last Update: 5/21/2018


Academic Departments may request bulk course copies (10 or more) of master courses developed in the College’s Learning Management System (LMS).


Step 1

Academic department chairs (or a designee) may submit a bulk course copy request through an IIT ticket (
IIT.dtcc.edu). Bulk course copy requests will need to include:

·      The master course title and course ID (e.g. ITN101 Master Course, DEV-ITNG-ITN101-W)

·      The semester and session(s) for the destination courses* (e.g. Fall 2019, Session 1)

·      A list of destination course IDs (e.g. S1-201951-CRN-22273-201, S1-201951-CRN-22274-402)
(See example at the bottom of the page)

Step 2


Allow 14 days to complete bulk copy requests.

Step 3


Master course content/information will be copied into the destination courses. Content/information that is contained within the destination courses prior to the bulk course copy will not be overwritten by the master course. In order to avoid duplicate information, instructors should be instructed to not upload content prior to the bulk course copy.

Bulk Course Copy Information Example and Template

Bulk Course Copy Example

Selecting the “Bulk Course Copy Template” button below will download the MS Excel file to your “Download” folder.