Promote Student Success with 24x7 Tutoring Services

Smarthinking gives students anytime, anywhere access to academic help from experts, even when you can’t. We extend your resources with just-in-time online tutoring, helping students arrive prepared, succeed in class, and work towards career goals. Recent studies show that students who use Smarthinking get higher grades and are more likely to complete courses.

With Smarthinking, you can provide 24×7 availability and four different types of online tutoring. Students can work with tutors, submit questions, submit writing or review their sessions and submissions. Personalized tutoring are available in core subjects as well as expert guidance for improving students’ writing — from essays to resumes.

Maximize Faculty Resources and Expand Access

Smarthinking will allow faculty to focus on at-risk students and other initiatives by providing an additional channel of support for students who don’t need face-to-face attention or cannot make it to campus. Smarthinking provides students with access to expert tutors across a wide range of subjects—from beginner to advanced, up to 24 hours a day.

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Learn More About Smarthinking

Our expert tutors

Smarthinking tutors are a diverse group of current and former educators and professionals with nine years of teaching or tutoring experience, on average. Moreover, 90% of Smarthinking tutors hold master’s degrees or PhDs in their fields.

Research shows that tutor training makes a difference in the impact of tutoring on students. All of our tutors go through an intensive training program and tutor certification specific to online, one- on- one tutoring, which includes: • effective teaching methods • our proprietary whiteboard technology • student management • subject -specific advising

Our approach

Our proven approach is valued and respected by faculty. Tutors do not solve problems for students but rather use a problem- solving-based teaching style to help students learn. Here, students gain confidence in their skills and learn to handle future assignments on their own.

How Smarthinking Works

Access iconStudents can access Smarthinking from their course in the LMS.

Service IconStudents can connect on demand with an expert tutor for a drop- in session 24 hours a day, schedule an appointment in advance, submit writing for detailed review, or ask a question offline and get a response within 24 hours. Smarthinking’s tutors work through problems with students online, using a virtual whiteboard. Math and writing support can be provided in Spanish for ESL learners.

Data IconInstitutions have access to a data dashboard to monitor student usage, examine trends for future planning, and extract data to conduct detailed studies on the impact of online tutoring.

Implementation IconOur implementation services team helps schools create a roll out plan for supporting successful use of the tutoring service in alignment with campus’ needs.

Tutoring services in 0ver 150 subject areas. View a detailed list of topics and learn more at Smarthinking.

Business iconBusiness

Question submission in the areas of Accounting, Economics, and Finance.

Reading iconReading

Support in reading comprehension, sentence skills, word level skills, and vocabulary development.

Computer iconComputer & Technology

Expert help from IT educators in topics such as Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Access.

Spanish IconSpanish

Personalized feedback for improved writing, and assistance with grammar questions.

Math iconMathematicsStatistics

Question submission and support in Basic Math, Calculus, and more. Bilingual tutoring in Spanish is also available.

Science IconScience

Topics range from basic to advanced and include Biology, General Chemistry, Introductory Human Anatomy & Physiology, Organic Chemistry, and Physics.

Medical IconNursing & Allied Health

Assistance in subjects areas critical to nursing students including Health Administration, Medical-Surgical Nursing, Pathophysiology, Pediatrics, Pharmacology, and NCLEX test prep. Content review of writing assignments in health care courses is also available.

Writing IconWriting

Detailed, personalized critique of any written assignment in any discipline, including cover letter and resume review. Access to ESL specialists available.