Adobe Connect Training

Adobe Connect is one of the most robust tools on the market for virtual classroom, and it has many features that will help you to hold interactive and engaging synchronous meetings with your class. It is also an easy way to record presentations and hold meetings. This page provides access to on-demand tutorials and tip sheets to support your preparation for using Adobe Connect. Your CCIT team is also happy to show you the basics and to help troubleshoot problems.

The live workshop schedule is available on our home page. You can also contact CCIT to arrange department training or stop in to any of the CCIT labs for one-on-one support.

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Adobe Connect How To's

Here’s a short list of “how to’s” built just for you of videos and helpful links to look over to get your Adobe Connect meeting off the ground. You can go from nothing to running a synchronous session in about 20-30 minutes with your students.

Important text  Be sure to add the “Adobe Connect Add-in” in step 4 of the Adobe Connect Meeting Test to insure full functionality of Adobe Connect.

Perform the Adobe Connect Meeting Test by clicking the link below. This will test your computer and browser for four key components for a successful meeting experience. You may even want to provide this link to your students so they can perform the test before they enter the meeting room. The page also provides troubleshooting tips.

Important text Be sure to add the “Adobe Connect Add-in” in step 4 of this test to insure full functionality of Adobe Connect.

If you are planning to use Adobe Connect in a current course or organization you need to add the link to your course navigation (left side) so that your students or participants will be able to find your meeting. Watch the video for instructions on how to make an Adobe Connect Meeting Room in Blackboard.

Get organized just like you would be if you were going to walk into a physical classroom. Have an agenda, make sure all of your content is ready and in one folder – not saved all over your hard drive or connected drives.

Now: You may want to read the PDF article “Best Practices from Adobe”

Test your meeting with a user or two. Make sure all of your content is loaded and works, no plug ins are needed, run the Audio Wizard, etc. Test all your hardware (microphones, web cam – etc.) Have any and all Word documents all ready opened and minimized (or waiting on the second monitor) for when you share your screen. Enjoy & have fun!! That enthusiasm will come through in the meeting.

Adobe Connect Training Links

Join the Clarix Support Team as they cover some of the most common questions facing new, and experienced users of Adobe Connect. The Quick Start Guides will give you just what you need to get started quickly.  The Learning Center includes general information about how to use Adobe Connect and links to many of the complementary tools developed for Adobe Connect end users, administrators and developers.

Adobe Connect Video Tutorials

TOPICAdding Adobe Connect to Your Course.
This video will show you how to add the Adobe Connect to your class in Blackboard.
Duration: 03:52

TOPIC: Refresh and Sync Users
In this video you will see how to sync new users to your course and refresh the user list. This is extremely handy to know during add drop periods.
Duration: 01:32

TOPIC: Office Hours
Learn how to make and record an office hour meeting room.

Duration: 02:21

TOPIC: Sharing the Office Hour link
After you have the meeting space for an office hour this video will show you how to communicate out the meeting time and a link.
Duration: 01:42