Syllabus, Schedule, and Policies Resources

In the Syllabus, Schedule, & Policies section, instructors should include the current approved Collegewide syllabus, evaluation measures, and schedule of topics and due dates for major assignments, special events, etc.

In addition, course or departmental policies (such as late work, missed assessments, attendance, expected behavior, etc.), should be included in this section.

You can acquire a copy of the most up-to-date syllabus from your department chair or by accessing E-files (requires sign-in to MyDTCC). First, check in the Collegewide section. If the syllabus for your course is not found there, check the campus-specific sections.

Collegewide E-FilesRequires sign-in to MyDTCC

Sample Schedules, Addendum, and Policies

Video Tutorial

An easy way to upload your syllabus, schedule, and other policy documents to Blackboard is to create a Content Item with the appropriate documents attached. The video below explains how to do this. (As this tutorial was created at a different institution, you can ignore the log-in instructions at the beginning of the video, instead logging into your course through MyDTCC as usual.)

Instructor at chalkboard with instructions