D2L Instructor Training

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About D2L Training

D2L Delaware Tech’s Learning Management System and the instructor training is presented as a course within D2L. Below, we will show you how to navigate to D2L from our portal and then how to find the course in D2L

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How to find the D2L Instructor Training course

MyDTCC portal page with arrow pointing to "Courses" in the green menu bar

Finding the D2L Instructor Training Course begins with logging into the MyDTCC portal. After that there are a few simple steps to make the course visible to you once you enter D2L.

  1. Select “Courses” in the green menu bar

You will enter the D2L home page with your courses appearing  in red as seen below. Your view will vary from the view below and you will most likely not see the “D2L Instructor Training” course.

Note: You can find a video tutorial at the bottom of the page that will also explain how to find the course.

D2L Courses Home Page with courses highlighted by red box

Now, lets go through the steps to find the course and make it visible on your D2L homepage.

2. Click the “Waffle” icon in the top center of the page

3. Type in “D2L” in the search box

4. Click on the “Magnifying Glass” icon

5. Locate “D2L Instructor Training” in the drop down

6. Click on the “Pin” icon so it becomes full black

Note: Clicking on the “Pin” icon will pin this course to your D2L Homepage. If you do not wish to  pin the course to your homepage, you may navigate to the D2L Instructor Training course by repeating all of the steps above to step 6 and then simply click on the course “D2L Instructor Training” to enter the course.

Searching for D2L Instructor Course using search waffle icon

After you have completed the steps above, simply click anywhere on the page other than the drop down area to view the results. Congratulations, you have successfully pinned the course to your D2L Homepage. Now, lets enter the course.

7. Select the image associated with the course or the name of the course below the image to enter the course.


D2L Instructor Course on the D2L homepage

Now that you have successfully entered the course, let’s show you where you should get started at.

8. Find and click on “Content” in the menu bar at the top of the page.

The D2L Instructor Course home page

Inside the Content area you will first see the Table of Contents. The actual content will appear on the right side of the screen and the table of contents menu will appear on the left.

9. You can use the Table of Contents area in the left menu to navigate throughout the course. The numbers to the right of each menu item shows you how many modules are in the menu item. The numbers will decrease as you complete each module.

Highlighting the Table of Contents of the course

D2L Instructor Training

Please watch this video for a short explanation about the course and how it works. This will give you a good overview of the course and help you get started.

While this course is self paced and can be done at your leisure, please remember that you can always stop by your local CCIT office to get help understanding a section or to get more in-depth explanations or training.

Please note that you must be logged in to the MyDTCC portal to use the above link.