Distance Learning Classrooms (DLC)

Image of a DLC room

DLC Request Center

The Distance Learning Classrooms allow for classes to be offered from any Delaware Tech campus to one or more other campuses. The two-way interactive video and audio creates real-time interaction between the instructor and students while a separate projection system provides additional visual input through presentations, video or document scans. You need to be logged in to the MyDTCC portal to view the documents below.

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Distant Learning Classroom Equipment

The DLC provides instructors with a variety of tools aimed at improving teaching and learning. A room reservation request must be submitted. Please review the DLC Master Calendar then use the DLC Event Request Form to reserve the room. The DLC User Reference will give you instructions about how to use the equipment.

Available Equipment: 

Computer with DVD Playback
Document Camera
Multiple Room Cameras
Laptop Connections
Wireless Microphone for Instructor
Microphones for Students

For more information about the
Distance Learning Classrooms, please contact:
Terri Palmer 
Application Support Technician
Delaware Technical & Community College
(302) 857-1750

Distance Learning Classroom Locations

Owens Campus
Jason Building
Room 105

Terry Campus
CTC/400 Building
Room 409

Stanton Campus
Room A-203

George Campus
South East (SE) Bulding
Room 112