Video Conferencing Tools

Video Conferencing Tools

Video Conferencing Tools at Delaware Tech

Delaware Tech currently supports three video conferencing tools for use within our Learning Management System (LMS) and general college use. Bongo provides web conferencing for use within the D2L LMS. The tools include virtual classroom and video assignment. Zoom combines web conferencing, video conferencing, webinars, and mobile capabilities into one collaborative solution. Below is a brief description of the capabilities and links to training for each of these three systems.

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Zoom Video Conferencing

Zoom provides a video conferencing tool for video and audio conferencing, collaboration, chat, and webinars across mobile devices, desktops, telephones, and room systems. The system provides screen or window sharing as well as a whiteboard for illustrations and diagrams. Sharing files is also easy with a drag and drop capability and annotation or co-annotation features along the ability for notes or commenting on documents. Group collaboration allows for easy creation of groups as well as the ability to invite others to join in. Virtual meetings can also be recorded in MP4 or M4A video formats for future reference.

For Delaware Tech employees, the College provides a site-wide license for “Pro Accounts” which may be activated by selecting the “Zoom Pro Account Setup” button below. Log into the site using your Delaware Tech Username and Password. Select links below for on-line tutorials, information, and support. UPDATE: Starting September 27, 2020, Zoom will require all meeting have a passcode or waiting room. To learn more, please read this update from Zoom.

For students, Zoom provides free use of their tool but with limitations to 40 minutes and 25 participants with no recording options. In the online classroom, students will normally be participating with the instructor’s Zoom during instruction.


Bongo Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classrooms by Bongo allows you to create a synchronous meeting with an individual student or multiple students in your course and allows you to save your sessions and post them within D2L Learning Management System (LMS) as a resource. You can also share your screen, just a window, share documents, use a whiteboard to illustrate you message. Additionally, you can also do a number of synchronous activities such as role play, group projects, student lead video conferences, and real-time engagement with each other. Please note that there are limitations with Bongo because we have the free version, not the premium version. Bongo is only accessible within D2L, you can hold up to a 60 minute session with a maximum of 50 participants, and if you record the session, it remains available for 14 days. Select a link below for online tutorials, information, and support.