Teach Champions with Jason & Carrie

Small winner's badge for Delaware Tech


Super-Tech Hero

What is TEaCH Champions?

TEaCH Champions is about recognizing you as the innovative instructor that you are! We want to celebrate your instructional creativity, share your great ideas, and empower you to continue to teach like a champion.

How does it work?

  • Choose a challenge from the Choice Board below. Each one includes directions, a reference guide, and support for what to create.
  • Submit what you create for points on our Leaderboard! Depending on the challenge you choose, you might submit a link to a page in D2L, an interactive tool, or a custom design.
  • Earn 50 POINTS just for submitting!
  • Submissions featured in the D2L Instructor Hub (link) earn an additional 50 POINTS!
  • Review, share, and steal ideas from your colleagues’ featured work.