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#1DawnyelDawnyel Furlong150
#2SharleneSharlene Manship150
#3Tamekia Broughton100
#4Ken Ding100
#5Adam Whitlock 100
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What is TEaCH Champions?

TEaCH Champions is about recognizing you as the innovative instructor that you are! We want to celebrate your instructional creativity, share your great ideas, and empower you to continue to teach like a champion.

How does it work?

  • CCIT will announce a challenge: We include directions, a reference guide, and support for all!
  • You create a submission for that challenge – they are all unique challenges! For example, you might submit a link to a page in D2L, an interactive tool, or a custom design.
    • Earn 50 POINTS just for submitting!
  • After the challenge completes, CCIT will:
    • Review the submissions and highlight faculty work on the TEaCH Champions page
    • Featured submissions earn an additional 50 POINTS!
  • Review, Share, and Steal ideas from your colleagues’ featured work.
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How to Create Interactive Google Slides

Create interactive presentations with Google Slides! Have you been looking for a way to create more engaging presentations? Google Slides is a great tool that can be used to transform a slide deck presentation into a more engaging interactive learning object. This more engaging object creates a more active approach to learning than the traditional passive slide deck. Create clickable interactions by using images, shapes, and links to curate the flow of information to the students. For example, in a Chemistry class you could make an interactive periodic table of elements that displays element specific information when each of the elements is clicked.

Upcoming TEaCH Champions Challenges

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ThingLink Challenge
Edpuzzle Challenge

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Create Beautiful Courses with HTML Templates

 Did you know there are easy to use HTML Templates that make it simple to create aesthetically pleasing accessible D2L pages? Whether you are a beginner or an advanced template user, check out the new HTML Template Reference Guide that will introduce you to the templates, demonstrate how to incorporate them into your course, pro-tips on the best ways to use them, and real examples of how faculty are using them in their courses. There are some great new student engagement features! Easily create D2L course pages that use flip cards, click ‘n’ reveal buttons, timers, embedded Google files and much more with a simple copy and paste. Reach out to CCIT if you have any questions.

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