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Your favorite station for collaboration is changing format! TALL TV is a video podcast that will facilitate conversations on teaching and learning strategies supplied by Delaware Tech instructors with a little CCIT mixed in.​ You will have the opportunity to engage with the show through technology tools and contribute to conversations about Teaching and Learning.

Each vodcast will spotlight a topic that is informed by you and your colleagues, gathered from our recent interactions and your suggestions from our ongoing survey.

WE NEED YOUR QUESTIONS and IDEAS for future shows.
Do you do something that works great?
Do you do something to really get your students involved?

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April Higgins: ahiggi10@dtcc.edu   

 Al Unrath: aunrath@dtcc.edu

T.A.L.L TV Topics

How do you communicate with your students?

January 2021: What strategies do you use to engage with your students, make contact, and create spaces for natural dialogue? In this informal group discussion, we explored ways to leverage the tools we have available to get our students communicating and engaging with their instructors and peers. Watch this recording of our live professional development session to hear what instructors across the college are doing to get their students involved.

Hosted by: April Higgins and Albert Unrath

What is the Muddiest Point?

November 2020: Vodcast conversation with Kelly O’Shaughnessy about creating spaces for students to share the course concepts they find confusing or difficult and collaborate to work through them. We’ll dig into how she got started with the strategy, how her students responded, and how it influenced her teaching.

Hosted by: April Higgins and Albert Unrath

the muddiest point

Current Results of Our Ongoing Survey