Micro-Credential Courses

CCIT has created four Micro-Credential Courses (MCCs) to expand your teaching toolbox!  The below form will allow you to enroll into any or all of these courses giving you the opportunity to earn MCC Certificates. 

What is a Micro-Credential Course?

  • MCCs are courses that deliver content to learners in micro-moments.
  • The content is strategically chunked to essential aspects of the topic and each course includes three to four short modules. 
  • A badge is earned after completing each module and a certificate will be awarded after completion of the course. 

Here are our current Micro-Credential opportunities:

  • Alternative AssessmentsIn this micro-credential course, you will design an alternative assessment from scratch! You’ll explore and apply the principles of effective alternative assessments to create an assessment that will empower your students.
    Instructor: April Higgins
  • Digital AccessibilityIn this micro-credential course, you will explain the importance of web accessibility and identify common barriers to online content, apply digital accessibility guidelines to online content in D2L, and create digitally accessible content within D2L.
    Instructor: Carrie Curry
  • HTML TemplatesIn this micro-credential course, you will explore what HTML templates are in D2L and how to apply them to your courses to create content that meets the needs of your students.
    Instructor: Jason Silverstein
  • Video Creation BasicsIn this micro-credential course, you will learn the basics of creating videos, which includes everything from how you appear on camera, your audio quality, how clear and engaging your presentation is, and how to make your videos more accessible.
    Instructor: Adrian Peterson

Each of these courses is self-paced, but you will receive feedback from the instructor to continue to grow in the skill area. Feel free to reach out to the instructor in each MCC if you have any questions! 

Once you are enrolled, the course will remain open. Check back often as we plan to continue to offer more micro-credential courses in the future.